Seat up to six people in The Malaga lounger spa with built-in stereo system.

2021 Gold medal winner

Retail Excellence

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A bottle of champagne, a few glasses, a cheerful company and you can start

having fun. The Malaga standard spa has everything you need for an all-night party.

Thanks to the increased number of jets and performance, all guests can enjoy

a pleasant massage in each seat.

PRICE: £7499 (inc vat)

Malaga standard1.jpg

Measurements (I x w x h) 2180 x 2180 x 900 mm

Net weight/ Water volume 330 kg/11361

Side cover HorizontSide™ with StarSide™ corner

Total number of jets 40

Opt. power requirement 3 x 16A/ 400V / 50Hz

Min. power requirement• 1 x 25A / 230V / 50Hz

Pumps 2 x 3 HP, single speed

Circulation pump W-EC pump (0.25 kW)

Heater 3 kW

Control box/ panel Gecko (IN.YE-3) / Easy7

Auxiliary control panel

Water sanitization Ozone generator

Cartridge filter 1 x MicroPlus filter

Laminar fountain jets 3 x 1 lighting

Waterfall 1

Led lights 16 x exclusive LEDs+ StarSide™ ilium.

corner element+ ilium. control valves

Sound system MyMusic™ 2.0

Aromatic therapy

SmartPhone app - wifi connection

Oxygen therapy

Heat exchanger preparation

Thermo cover standard