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A stylish, functional and cost effective swimming pool concept available in a range of configurations to suit your budget.

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George Clifton
Managing Director


A Centurion Leisure timber framed pool is a unique concept in swimming pools based on years of tried and trusted experience and innovation in the timber industry. 

Because these pools are so easily adaptive they can be contructed in a variety of shape configurations to give you a very aesthetically pleasing and ‘easy on the eye’ pool for your back garden. They are also available in ‘above ground’, ‘partially in ground’ or ‘fully in ground’ configurations so your pool can look just as good as many more expensive traditionally built pools. The options are yours to choose and are designed to suits all types of budget

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We have a range of eleven different sizes in three different heights (1200mm, 1330mm & 1460 mm).

The basic structure is made from autoclaved pinewood planks 45 mm wide. Depending on the type of pool, the borders and the wooden stairs are available in either treated pinewood or tropical hardwood.

The extra thick pool borders are clipped on top of the basic structure. They’re made in one piece to avoid any distortion. The sides of the exotic coping longer than 4 metres are made of two parts. They are held in place by lateral supports which hide the fasteners and create a visually pleasing finish.

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