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If you have an above ground outdoor summer pool then you need one of our 3kw heat pumps to give your pool that little bit of extra warmth during those summer months!

These pumps are the perfect add-on and really help to give you warmer pool water!

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George Clifton
Managing Director



Only £449 (inc vat) The UK's cheapest price GUARANTEED

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Summer pools are great fun in the height of Summer but they can take a bit of courage to get in them when the weather hasn't quite reached its peak temperature for the day!

That's where our Aquadream 3kw pool heaters come in.

They really help keep your pool water so that the 'initial chill' is nowhere near as bad as it would be. Keeping your pool water at an acceptable level to enjoy all day long.

These great little pool heaters also help extend your pool time throughout the summer by keeping that temperature more than acceptable for you and your family.

Perfect for your Summer garden pool.

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