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middle heigh enclosure diagram.png

Medium-high line designs provide widely applicable enclosure solutions that do not hinder the view of the landscape or garden surrounding the pool. Additionally, they allow not only for swimming comfort under a fully covered pool, but also – thanks to their higher structural design – for free movement in the central part of the roofed area. The sliding system facilitates the smooth movement of the segments in both directions. If the surface guide rails are extended, the entire enclosure can be telescoped back behind the swimming pool area.

Enclosure diagram -low height.png


Do you like the idea of a swimming pool enclosure and all its benefits but you are not so keen on a high structure? Then what you need is a low height enclosure.

Thanks to the side sliding door you can combortably enter your pool while the enclosure is fully closed. We use lockable sliding doors (no need to lift anything up or do any other difficult operation) With the the low design you can enjoy the garden view and all the benefits of enclosed pool - swimming under the structure while the weather is not so pleasant and on hot days simply slide the enclosure off the pool and have open swimming pool.

We offer wide range of low enclosures - just choose from our models above. As every enclosure is bespoke, please send us size of your pool (included coping stone) which model is your favourite and we shall send you price on return.

Or call us for more detailed information.

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