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Park Avenue Quartz

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Cambridge Midnight



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Blue Slate Aquashimmer

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Pompeii Blue

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Caribbean Pebble

Exclusive Contemporary Tile Band Liners

Centurions exclusive range of contemporary tile band liners offers a wide range of options, opening a new choice of colours and designs which can contrast greatly from the standard and commonly seen traditional ranges.

Stock is held in two forms, a narrow width wall section with a pre-printed border over an exciting wall design, and then a wider floor section which is the same pattern as the background of the wall – hence the two combine together to form  an all-over pattern with a distinctive co-ordinated tile band.

The pre-tailored wall depths offer a perfect fit against the common 3’4” shallow end wall, but because the floor panel is a match, any wall depth can be achieved by flowing the floor material up the wall. In certain circumstances, vinyl strips will be added to the base of the pre-made wall to extend the depth. For Bourbon  Street and Royal Mosaic pattern this matching at the seams is not possible.

Whilst the contemporary tile designs are pre-printed onto the basic wall design,  

it is also possible to cross-match these tile bands with any other patterned or plain wall/floor combination. We can manually trim the required tile band from one wall section and then weld it onto the desired wall pattern. Naturally this does introduce some wastage of materials and extra labour content for us, therefore a running metre surplus charge should be applied to the base cost of the liner you desire. 

Tile band widths vary – please enquire if this will be a concern.


The easiest way to decorate your pool, PoolMat is a high quality pool motif manufactured on heavy duty vinyl with UV and chemical resistant inks which simply sits on your pool floor.

No adhesives, no suction, no specialist fixing required. The PoolMat is held down by its own weight and the pool water.  All you need to do is slide the mat into  the water, position it where you want it  and ensure there is no air or water  trapped underneath. Installed in seconds into a full or partially full pool. Suitable  for all smooth-surface pool types (not tiles) on a level surface.

If you want a change, simply lift the PoolMat and move it around the pool, or alternate with other PoolMats.

PoolMat comes in a range of  

pre-manufactured designs in a standard 59” (4’ 11” / 1.5m) diameter at the  price listed.









•    Easy to install – just place in the water

•    No adhesives, suction or special fixing

•    Heavy duty 1/8” (3mm) vinyl mat with UV

      and chemical resistant inks

•    Compatible with automatic cleaners

•    Suitable for all pool types
     (excluding tiled finishes)

Black tiled pool copy.jpg


All Centurion factory made liners come with a 10 year pro-rata guarantee on their manufactured processes – i.e. seams and joins. This guarantee is against the welded seams of the vinyl liner and the connection of the beading strip. All other elements remain within the standard 5 year reducing guarantee.


Most Centurion liners will be delivered to the required address in a steel reinforced card-fibre drum so the liner can be rolled rather than carried to the pool side.

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