We've teamed up with Bull Outdoor Kitchens to offer you the only outdoor cooking you'll ever need!

George Clifton - Managing Director


Centurion Leisure are delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with Bull Outdoor

Products in the USA to bring you a range of outdoor kitchens of the very highest quality.

Let’s face it if anyone knows everything there is to know about outdoor cooking its the

Americans. They did invent the Barbecue after all!

That American know-how has meant that Bull Outdoor Kitchens produce a quality

product for a reasonable cost. They can achieve this because they only focus only on

the barbecue business and by focusing on that core element, they can guarantee

continuous improvement in quality and performance.


Bull Outdoor Products work closely with designers, builders and contractors to make

sure that our their products are in line with (and often exceed) the market requirements.

The perfect pool deserves the perfect outdoor kitchen to go with it.

Contact us to find out more.


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