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'CenturionSeal' pool covers. A revolution in style and reliability

George Clifton
Managing Director


Centurionseal cover.png

We are deighted to introduce to you the ‘CenturionSeal’ pool cover system. 

This patented system comprises a unique mechanism that allows the fabric to unroll and lock in place thanks to an extra-flat, extremely discreet, 10 mm thick rail. The fabric was developed by the Serge Ferrari brand, the world leader in this market, for top resistance to UV rays, extreme climatic conditions and the most exacting of standards.

Match your cover to your pool with a choice of coloured finishes from our selected range, designed to help blend with your own personal environment. Choose from our RAL colour swatch and match your  vinyl finish and box finish to your own personal choice.

Best of all, not only do they operate superbly in any configuration, they also look fantastic too.

Centurion Seal 14.jpg


The high strength and durability of the Serge Ferrari brand pre-stressed PVC membrane used on every single one of our pool covers enables it to support the weight of one or more people in the event of a fall. 

For pool owners with young children and pets this is particularly beneficial and really provides a sense of ‘peace of mind’.

Centurion Seal 19 DOG.jpg
Centurion Seal 16.jpg
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